Battle of the Beards History

Battle of the Beards started out as a fun user group event, where bristling techies would square off in our very own arena. Our Beardy Battlers would give presentations and winners would be decided based on the quality of their beards and their talks. The crowd went wild (and wanted more)!

Where our first events had a mere 3 contenders, this year we’re upping the ante and there’ll be at least 10 contenders! Whether their beard is permanent or just for the day, our Beardy Battlers will be delivering half-hour techie talks that’ll be useful and engaging for anyone in IT. Every Beardy Battler will make a difference to your life.

If you come along you’ll make a difference. All proceeds will go to the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). Supporting CALM means they can provide vital counselling services and save lives.

In our male dominated industry, we’re likely to be disproportionately affected by suicide. It was the cause of a quarter of all deaths of 20 - 34 year old males in 2014. That’s a sad and uncomfortable fact.

We need to take care of ourselves and each other.

So let’s have some fun for a good cause!